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YK11 5mg/Tablet

Package contents: 1 box, 2x 25 tablets, 5mg/tablet

What is YK11: YK11 is called a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) which acts as a strong inhibitor of myostatin in the body. Inhibiting myostatin allows an individual to exceed their natural genetic limits and experience significant muscle growth. Like other SARMs, YK11 supports muscle growth by promoting muscle retention and the formation of new muscle cells.

Usage: Taking YK11 SARM at a low dosage of 5mg per day can result in noticeable muscle growth in 4-8 weeks. However, most YK11 users recommend a daily dosage of 10-15mg for optimal results. It is important to avoid exceeding this recommended range, as higher doses may increase the risk of unwanted side effects

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