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What is Bremelanotide:

  • Bremelanotide (PT-141) was developed from the peptide hormone Melanotan II.
  • Most of the research has focused on women with female sexual dysfunction, and it is an effective drug for treating sexual dysfunction in both men (erectile dysfunction or impotence) and women. It does not affect the vascular system, but increases sexual desire directly through the nervous system.
  • There are currently no contraindications to the use of Bremelanotide, and it is 80% effective in men who do not respond to Viagra or Cialis. For women, it increases sexually satisfying experiences by 50%.


  • Apply 2 mg subcutaneously as needed, 30 minutes to 6 hours before sexual activity. The initial dose determines the response time. Men should start at 1 mg and increase to a maximum of 2 mg, but do not exceed this dose. Women should start with a 2 mg dosing protocol
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